The Role Of Urban Functional Space And Combination Of Regional Network Has Facilitated A Completely New Model Of Urban Development

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Edge city was first put forward by Joel Garneau, a reporter of Washington Post, in his published book in 1991 and then its meaning started to be crystal clear. Due to the rapid development of urban economy and surge of population, edge city has gradually become the emergent trend of urban development. The dispersion of urban functional space and combination of regional network has facilitated a totally new model of urban development, which thus promotes the evolution of urban spatial structure from single center to multi-center. The formation of edge is not only an independent node in the urban network area but also a necessary way to connect and communicate with peripheral cities as well as a new form of multi-center development in cities of the most developed countries. This report will firstly describe the background of the edge city’s emergence and its concept as well as how to define this concept and then study and discuss the problems appearing during edge city development through analysis of cases and data in order to offer relevant solution schemes.

1.Concept of Edge City

As a new form of urban development in the United States, edge cities are newly developed commercial, residential and employment centers located in the suburbs of the former commercial centers, which were farmland, villages and residential land 30 years ago. Now these emerging centers clearly provide typical urban functions, such as employment, housing, tourism and transportation,
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