The Role Of Vehicle Over Taker ' By Shibu Babu

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The presentation that I will be evaluating is ‘Vehicle Over-Taker’ by Shibu Babu. My role as an investor is to assess the overall business proposal/concept by using a structured, methodical approach to analyse financial and non-financial information, forecast the impact of these factors and take investment decisions on these grounds. The business proposal, ‘Vehicle Over-taker’, is in relation to the invention of an electronic device that can prevent overtaking accidents caused by the dynamic driving behaviours frequently engaged in by the drivers. Concept Introduction Although, the presentation slides do mention the way in which the device works, there are no details provided on the technologies that will be used for the device. In…show more content…
In addition, since the entire concept revolves around reducing the number of accidents caused by overtaking and taking preventive measures in general, it is a feasible thought that can work in countries that lose a large number of people due to such accidents. Market search/target market The innovator does claim that there is a market for the product, although, there is no statistical information to support the claim. This is an area where, in my opinion, the innovator can still improve. For example, providing relevant target consumers or quantifiable characteristics in relation to the number of accidents that take place due to overtaking manoeuvres. Since there are no clear connections to explicit strategic targets and objectives or tangible measures to evaluate the target market, there is no way to know the amount of market share that the product can capture. The innovator does mention that the product is not restricted to a particular segment of vehicles as the product can be set up on any vehicle, regardless of its size and make, it can be inferred that the product does have a considerable large market to target provided the consumers are open to having devices set up on their vehicles. One of the aspects that works for this proposal, is the pricing of the product, as majority of the target consumers will have the
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