The Role Of Victimisation Of University Students

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Purpose of the study Victimisation of university students has always been a topic that got criminologists’ attention. However, the real issue of students involved in minor criminal offences was avoided as it always seemed to be part of "being at university" habitus. The purpose of the study was to identify the type of offences that undergraduate students commit, how different they are in terms of age/background/sex and the reason for the crime perpetration. As Feldman (2004:2) argued, the abstract is an important “window display” which gives the reader the specific issue addressed in the article. Selwyn started his abstract with a brief information about the topic; a complex issue about the level and the nature of criminal offences among the students. The purpose of the study was followed by a description of the methodology. Nevertheless, there was no specific aim laid out but the research addressed several questions. Moreover, the findings were briefly discussed in the abstract and it concluded with an explanation of the further implication. Therefore, there were taken all the important steps in building a successful summary, clear articulated (Perry et al. 2003). However, it can be noticed the absence of the keywords field which ensure that the reader find the search results easily (Inderscience Enterprise, 2013). Problem addressed by the study Most of the students perceived their criminal offences while they were at university as something minor, a part of
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