The Role Of Virtual Teams And Challenges

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Introduction Nowadays, we are currently in the era of advanced information technology, in which people depend on technologies in order to facilitate their life, such as mobile phone, computer or internet. Indeed, innovative technology plays an important role in developing tools for remote and global communication, which help people communicate to each other easier regardless of distance. According to Reiche (2013), as firms incessantly expand their business globally, there are considerable number of workers having to work separately from different locations as well as time zone. Consequently, the virtual team strategy, which is a group of employees working with a great distance from each other, come up in order to allow companies having capability to manage their own employees being able to collaborate intensively through innovative technologies, for instance videoconferencing, email, Skype or online project management software (Schilling, 2012). In this paper, I will discuss about effectiveness of virtual teams and challenges that have to face of people working in different locations and geographies. Moreover, identifying pros and cons of associating with virtual teams and co-located teams or traditional teams. And I will expound how I apply virtual team strategy in managing my product development.
Effectiveness of Virtual Teams According to Virtual Teams: Pros, Cons & Best Practices (2011), there are many advantages of using virtual team strategy. Indeed, as
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