The Role Of Warfare During The Nineteenth Century Efforts Of Nation Building Essay

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The Power of Warfare The role of warfare played a tremendous role in the nineteenth-century efforts of nation building. Warfare gave rise to an increase of self-pride within people, known as nationalism, which allowed the people within countries to unite and further expand for the greater good of their country. Warfare was used by countries like Italy, Germany, and Great Britain to build their nations by attempting to unify there territories and establish their own governments with force. Warfare was used to unite territories under one power, increase a country’s borders, and to implement fear into other countries to ensure that proper diplomatic processes were met to prevent invasion. Following the Napoleonic Wars, there was a great amount of diplomatic instability within Europe, and in the Italian states there was a call to unify every state into one nation, Italy (text, 717). A leader of the unification movement, Camillo di Cavour (1810-1861) wanted to prevent chaotic revolutions to unite Italy, rather he wanted to unify the Italian states by promoting the economic developments of the Italian states (text, 717). Cavour was a prime minister of the Piedmont-Sardinia territory, he was a great leader who pushed for the advancement and increase of the region’s economic and military powers, which he believed would help promote a unified Italy (text, 717). Cavour’s territory had much to gain from a unified Italy including a larger amount of available labor, and also a
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