The Role Of Western Culture On Women And Women

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The majority of cultures around the world view men and women as inherently different, and treat them as such. Men are seen as stronger, while women are seen as more nurturing. Men are providers, while women are caregivers. Men are assertive leaders, while women should be passive followers. Western culture does not break this norm. Women and men are seen as different, and one of the things that this perceived difference can lead to is the unnecessary gendering of products based on the gender binary . There are a plethora of products that the majority of people buy and use that get divided into Men 's X and Women 's X, despite the fact that they are both used to serve the same purpose. Merchandise like razors, shampoo, deodorant, socks, and…show more content…
By analyzing the ways that deodorant is marketed, produced, and packaged in a gendered way this study highlights the ways in which gender differences are socially constructed, how gender roles are subtly forced on to members in a society, and how these roles and their traits interact with other parts of our identities. Data Collection While collecting my data I wanted it to be a representative sample for my area, so I went to the Wal-Mart located in Brockport, NY. There were a few certain traits I had in mind to code before I got there, but I also wanted to look at the deodorant section as a whole to see what else stood out to me. Some of the traits that I ended up coding were the price per ounce, the dominant color of the packaging, whether the scent was feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral, if it came in a two pack, whether it was a special type of deodorant like clinical, or sport, and whether the shape of the product was curved in at the middle, or had ridges to grip. Some of the information about the deodorant was not present on the packaging of all of them, so in order to delve more in depth I took an alternate route. While at Wal-Mart I took picture 's of the front and backs of 100 different deodorants, making sure to get a variety. There were plenty of different scents, and kinds such as stuck, gel, and spray on deodorants. After collecting all 200 pictures (2 for
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