The Role Of White Privilege In Today's Society

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Imagine migrating to Canada and winding up in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Toronto. Yes while the majority of people are welcoming and friendly there are those who still exist who tend to see themselves at the top of the food chain because of their Caucasian descent. White privilege still exists in today’s society but at a much lesser scale than what has been portrayed throughout history. Yes, society has made progress but as humans we cannot achieve perfection and that is a factor also on why white privilege still exists. There are different areas where Caucasians have advantages than other minorities would if they are in a certain situation, also white people tend to always get the benefit of doubt when it comes down …show more content…

Let’s say two people are looking to rent, one white and the other Aboriginal, they both go to the same apartment at different times. The white male can easily get accepted and given a price, but on the other hand the Aboriginal may be told no rooms are available or may be given a higher rate than the white person. An article in the Toronto star shows that a study conducts shows that black and south Asian faced discrimination when looking for housing, as well as other ethnicities except for whites. Volunteers called and responded to ads posing as minorities looking to rent, then the next caller would phone the same ad posing as a white male with a western European name. The minority faced extra requirements such as postdated checks and was not offered the same incentive as the western European. When minority called back he was told the room had been already rented while the white person had no complications whatsoever. In most cases landlords try and make the unit unappealing to a certain point until the person trying to rent it has their mind purged into not wanting to come and even try to rent the space. It’s sad to see discrimination against people who are just looking for a place to stay and feel secure get turned down due to the stereotypes society have placed on ethnicities over the …show more content…

Yes while all figures in school are neither all white nor racist some of them are, they still show the tendency to favor white studies over students of color. Growing up it is normal to get a little aggravated if someone is provoking, name calling, and harassing time after time on a daily basis. You go to an authority figure only for them to be given a talking too time after time, you expect a more server punishment but since both principle and student are white, the principle is lenient with the student. Take myself for example; throughout elementary school I was bullied by this one white student, I was always made fun by him because of how I looked at the time. I was constantly harassed on a daily basis and it was till a point I felt that I didn’t want to go to school. I always went to an authority figure to get it resolved but yet he only got a stern talking to and there he was, back at it again. His harassing finally stopped after I punched him, I had to take matters into my own hand at the age of 12 to Handel a situation that has been ongoing for 4 years with no end result. For all the times he made me feel like not coming to school, he was never suspended or given a punishment. But the ironic part is that I was always a well behaved child

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