The Role Of Wise Men In The United States

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Selecting the right person for power was tedious work, they asked themselves “how would wise men be detected or selected? Would wise men be forbidden to serve in the house? Could a man sit in the house of the wise for one year and sit in the representative assembly the next?” Contemplating on the distribution of equal power among the different branches had one common thing, they wanted it to be composed of “wise men” meaning “the best and the brightest of the nation”. It was stated that, “letting legislature select was to give it too much power”, what worried some people was that the central power would come to overrule and the country would turn into tyranny. They came to a conclusion of two men per state and because there was some concern that the senate and representatives may have had too much power, they also included the chief executive to allow a veto in legislation.…show more content…
By this point in time most wanted to put an end to the long process of constructing the constitution as they knew it would only spark a need to modify it once more. After the constitution came to a closing there was no question about who the next president would be. George Washington would be chosen by default as he had no opponent running against him. The abnormal part about the people elected was that they either did not like Washington or they were the ones in opposition of the constitution. Not having any idea that the constitution would turn out to be the script americans live by I believe they would not be disappointed in the changes we have made to the constitution ourselves. Having representatives for states gives them authority to be their own individual and help retain sovereignty between
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