The Role Of Women During Ancient Athens And Sparta

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The Greeks contested of a hand full of city-states. Which where many individual governments that would join together if an intruder or war started. Because they were individual governed, many different political and social view took place. The most radical views were on the subject of women. In Ancient Greece the majority of city-states sited with the views of Athens on the matter. All but one, the outsider was Sparta. Thought this essay, it will investigate question, what are some similarities and differences of the role of women in ancient Athens and Sparta? Though the following topics of: Marriage, freedoms and isolation, and last of all politics and land. “The ancient Greeks believed the purpose of being female was to be married, and the purpose of marriage was to have children to keep the family going” , according to Haydn Middleton who graduated from New College in Oxford. The mother of the child would raise her and when the time came the father would arrange a wedding. O’Pry states that, “Most women in ancient and classical times were married in their early teens to a much older husband” . This was usually around their fourteen to fifth teen birthday. In Athens the he usually terms of control over the women, O’Pry states that, “A woman’s father controlled her before her marriage, and afterwards the responsibly fell to her husband” . Although most the time the bride would see her new husband before the wedding day, there were times where she would meet him on the day

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