The Role Of Women During History Throughout The 20th Century

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The role of women in history has changed dramatically over time, especially in the past century. Most of the time, she is presented as a victim of society, helpless and hopeless. Blamed and accused of being the root of all the problems. She is often sidelined because of being a confused being, not knowing what she wants and at the same time, she is the center of attention and the subject of man’s fantasy (the male gaze). History is full of evidence and stories of violence against women, who are subject to the cruel tortures in the male dominate society. It was not until the 20th century when women got the right to vote after several years of protests and movements. It is of great interest to me to notice, observe and analyze what the role…show more content…
The Piano is the story of a woman – an artist, who is the victim of society. Ada McGrath, the mute pianist, who is already the mother of a little girl, is married to a man who she has never seen. She is dropped at the coast of New Zealand unwillingly and spends the night in the little hut she and her daughter had made. Next morning, her husband and his men come to take them home. She has her piano with her too but that is not carried as her husband claims they do not have enough men as she had a bunch of suitcases with them already. One thing to be noted is that when Ada McGrath appeared for the first time in front of his new husband, he gave a slight repulsive or disapproving look. Later in the scene, he is seen asking his friend “What do you think?” to which his friend tells him she looks tired. Until this moment, Ada has been denied her wish twice. She is dropped at the coast against her wish, and her husband leaves her piano at the coast even though she insisted. On the top of that, she has been judged as a property and an object. Clearly, she is not like what her husband had expected. He must have expected a more beautiful and young wife and therefore he looked a bit disappointed.
The story continues and the piano is left at the coast and the newly formed family reaches home making their way through the deep mud and woods. On reaching her new home, she is seen not adjusting in the new family and their ways. She remains quiet all the
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