The Role Of Women During Post War Period

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The Role of Women During the post-war period women were getting more opportunities and freedoms within society, while at the same time getting more limitations. Using one’s maternal instinct was a concept that was heavily stressed during this period and made a big impact on their home life and work life. The Cold War was a time where women had a lot of responsibilities to both their family but also society. They were the caretakers and had an incredible amount of work to do in preparation of nuclear warfare. Women had two main roles during the Cold War, to be a homemaker and to work with civil defence.
The postwar period brought on the societal expectation that the main goal for all women was to find a good man to marry and to raise children. Many women were brought up with this ideology and accepted this expectation. However, the Cold War was a time where women were getting more freedoms, like being able to work a solid job with wages. Although they could do this prior to the post-war period, this was a time where women were able to rise up in certain industries and really try to make a career for themselves. Yet, this working women image actually was not the accepted representation of women during this period. The Cold War period looked down upon women working a fulltime job and not at home taking care of the family. Women were expected to fulfill this role of the dutiful wife who was responsible for cleaning, grocery shopping, food storage and sending the
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