The Role Of Women During The 21st Century

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The role of women in Australian society has been ever evolving over the past century with a consistent drive to gain equal rights and improve their position. Historically women have been regarded as the weaker sex and it has taken many women’s hard work to enforce changes in the way society perceived them. One of the biggest concerns for women over this period is their representation in the labour force and their rights for equal opportunity in the workplace. The journey to achieve equal opportunity in the work place has been full of obstacles, many of which have been hurdled. Looking back at these gives a greater understanding of women’s place now and how much further to go to achieve true equality. The 19th Century views of young women have completely changed over the past century. The idea of a young woman staying at home to raise a family and manage the home while men go off to work has now been almost forgotten. The advent of the First World War meant that many young men left Australia to fight for the Empire, leaving Australia with many jobs left open, giving Australian women the chance to step up and fill these roles. This was a crucial time in the history of women in the work force, as they proved themselves as being equally as capable as men. When the men came back from the war, however, there was uproar over the increased participation of women in the labour force. Men returned to find their jobs taken by women and wives at work instead of at home. Over the war
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