The Role Of Women During The Ancient Greek City Of Athens And Sparta

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Planning the Investigation The role of women, particularly in ancient history, is something that varies greatly between societies in different regions. The research in this project will be done with the goal of investigating these differences. Specifically, how did the roles of women in the ancient Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta differ from each other? Research will attempt to illustrate the public and home life of young married women in the 300s-400s BC, and identify the major differences between the roles of women in Athens and Sparta. Various sources will be used to investigate the lives of women, including books about life in ancient Greece and database articles. The book The Life of Greece and the article “The Rise of Women in Ancient Greece” will be especially helpful. After all the necessary information is collected, conclusions can be made about the difference in between the roles of women in these two city-states.
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Evaluation of Sources
The first source that was significant in research was the article “The Rise of Women in Ancient Greece” by Michael Scott, a history professor. Its origin was History Today, and it was accessed on the EBSCO database. It was published in 2009 in London. Its purpose was to inform readers of History Today about the role of women in ancient Greece, particularly the parts of their lives that are not as well known. Its value is that it provides a different perspective of the topic that has been explored by many…
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