The Role Of Women During The Civil War

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The role of women in the work force has been disputed in American since the end of World War II where women were needed in the workforce. It was not till fairly recently have women begun to work in American society. In 1963 the first policy regarding equal pay was introduced opening the gate from other policies, such as Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 and the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. However, women are still being undermined in the work force with the wage gap between women and men. Many argue that a wage gap does exist where women are working hard but getting payed less leading to poverty. On the other hand, others argue that the wage gap is merle a myth and is impractical in today 's society. Contributing factors like…show more content…
Lawyers Maria Lewis and DeMaris Trapp from the article “She works hard for less money” argues that women are paid less because of their gender and are paid less than their male counterparts. They both focused on the need for legal action to bring the wage gap to a close. Zsuza Daczo on the other hand fuses both Perry and Lewis and Trapp’s argument in his thesis “Wage inequality and the gender wage gap: are American women swimming upstream?”. He does acknowledge that there does seem to be discrimination against women, however, mentions society as the cause of the wage gap. The 4 authors, all brought up different perceptive, but Daczo who does an effective job by using various research. In the thesis “Wage inequality and the gender wage gap: are American women swimming upstream?” by Daczo shines light on the wage gap in relation to gender. The paper is split up in different sections separated by titles. He starts with the gender wage gap section opening up the argument that women are having higher education but the wage gap still exists. “Women have been continuously upgrading their human capital, bringing it closer to the educational distribution that men in the workforce have, yet women’s wages have not been coming much closer to men’s wages in recent years.” Women in today’s world are staying in school longer but they still do not earn the same wage as men. Daczo does an excellent
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