The Role Of Women During The Mesopotamian Society

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The Role of Women in Mesopotamian Society: Throughout time womens rights varied from being treated equal to a man, to being treated as property. Women in Mesopotamia did not have big roles in society. Many things were restricted or frowned upon in society for a woman to do. However, in some communities women had more rights and freedoms while others were more restricted and other times their privileges varied. Women had some freedoms and rights that varied from city-state to city-state. The average woman stayed at home and acted as a housewife, but could have had the opportunity get an education and a job. As compared to some places today, women had more rights then, in Mesopotamia, then now, thousands of years later. Thought women had few rights they were, however, allowed to own their own land and home. They could have a job and an education, depending on your parents wealth and social status. The only other ways for her to be able to own land is for your husband to divorce you, as it states in Hammurabi 's code number 137 ; ¨If a man wish to separate from a woman who has bear him children, he shall give that wife a part of the property, so that she can rear her children.¨ With this a woman could leave her husband and still safely raise her children. They could also have the ability to grow and raise their own food. Also, a woman could own her own property aside from her husbands, and earn money but this rarely occurred outside of royal families and wealthy or high
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