The Role Of Women During The Political World

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The role of women in the political world is not really something that is brought up much, until recently. Since Hilary Clinton ran for president, she made the impact on women and getting them to want to be involved in politics. Politics is not a popular topic among ladies, because it is not seen as a popular topic or feeling like it was not their place to state a political opinion from fear of not sounding smart enough for the topic. The under representation in Parliament is something of concern; though Justin Trudeau has claimed the his cabinet is 50% males and 50% females, but the percentage leaves out the women only make up 30% of the Liberal MPs. Additionally, in Canada, “eligibility alone does not explain the under-representation of…show more content…
Because of that misconception, we are not represented in government as much as we should be. People tend to agree with the idea that men should only be allowed to have a position in government and that it is a “man’s job”. This became obvious during the 2017 USA Presidential elections when people preferred Trump to Clinton simply because he was a man. Thankfully now you see the involvement of many women in politics. The women’s march was a big protest that demonstrated how many females are actually interested in the political world but feel undermined. The lack of political involvement and the portrayal of politicians play a factor for women in how they view that profession. Ultimately, it is an obvious fact that politics takes the majority interest of a man more than it does a woman.
When a woman is an active party member, they would be just as involved as a man . This demonstrates that if a woman were given the opportunity, she would take part. The political influence woman have is decreasing and stalling. In an article by Myrna Driedger, states that in Canadian Parliament only 24% of the elected parliamentarians are womeniii. That rose to 30% in 2007 but later dropped to 27% in 2011 . This article has brought to light that women are not being represented in government enough to make any drastic beneficial changes. Driedger, mentions at the end of her article, that instead of breaking the glass ceiling it is time to build a new houseiii. A
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