The Role Of Women In Advertising

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In the 1950s, advertising first arose to promote many things such as refrigerators, automobiles, and appliances that were plentiful after World War II (adage). Many advertisers during this time incorporated family values; as old traditional ways, such as a Father being the provider of the family and the mother being the home-worker became a new (adage). This directly led to advertisers promoting men in many advertisements, as their “alpha” role appealed to consumer interests. This generation of advertisement was known to objectify women and view them as being socially lower than men (Prezi). In the advertisement for Van Huesen’s ties for men, “Show her it’s a man world”, women are marginalized through imagery and language to appeal to the masculinity of men , giving them a sense of power and superiority over women Amplifying the stereotypical and sexist principles of societal views during this time period. In the Van Huesen Tie advertisement, a young man is dressed in a white shirt and business tie and a young woman is wearing a pink house robe, the typical wardrobe of an “ideal” housewife and husband of the 1960s. The woman being unemployed shows the stereotypical views of women in society during this time period. The man is upright in bed, with his hands resting on the back of his head facing onward while smirking, presenting his body language as relaxed, satisfied, and confident. The woman is kneeling down on the side, placing a tray with a meal onto his
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