The Role Of Women In Literature

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When people are going through events in his or her life they look for a way to express or find something that relates to the feelings that they have. Majority of the time these feelings are expressed through literature. An example is the archetypes that can be found throughout literature. In the British Middle Ages, the people were grouped into different social classes using the feudal system. Society was mainly broken into two separate groups, the nobles, and the peasants. However, there was also a subset group, which maintained the women. Women were the lowest of the low because they were considered to be evil because of what happened with Adam and Eve in the Bible. It is said that since “…Eve was created from Adam 's rib and, having…show more content…
For someone to be classified as a hero they must possess the physical, social class, and chosen status qualities. These characteristics are certain ones that help the audience relate to heroes in the stories. Since it was believed by many that women were evil, due to what happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden men were the superior sex. Thus, the hero had to be a male. For the people of the Middle Ages, it was impossible for a woman to save everyone from the danger they faced, if anything they were the cause of the destructions. Subsequently, it was up to the men to save the day. If there were ever people needing to be saved it had to be done by a man with unfathomable strength. All men living in the Middle Ages could relate to this characteristic because it was already a part of their everyday lives whether they were noblemen, or peasants. No matter what social class they were in the man always had more power than the woman. Another characteristic is that they must be chosen by God. The people of this time believed that the kings, queens, and noblemen were specifically chosen by God. Therefore, the noblemen related to the hero on an official level because they were both appointed by God. Therefore, they were already one step closer to being a hero. Then heroes must have a unique birth story. The peasants put themselves in the hero’s place and begin to think that they could be a forgotten noble that

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