The Role Of Women In Raisin In The Sun And Trifles

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Men and women are constantly debating what their true role in life is. In a family, the women were expected to do the laundry, cook, and clean, while the men went to work and made money for their family. This idea has changed drastically over the years. Women are now able to get an education and work if they’d like. Sixty years ago, this would not have been possible. Most men and women now share the housework, and both have full-time jobs. In Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and Trifles by Susan Glaspell the women struggle with being unheard by their husbands. In Raisin in the Sun, Ruth Younger struggles with her husband, Walter Lee, when he does not listen to her when they discuss their money problems. Walter strives to have more money, so he can provide his family with nice things. He is tired of being overlooked by the white men that he works for and wants to be more like them. Walter hates the job that he has because he must obey a white man. He constantly feels like the women in his life do not listen to his struggles and confides in alcohol instead of speaking with his family about his emotions. Walter Lee constantly belittles his wife saying, “that just goes to show you what women understand about the world...nothing will happen for you in this world ‘less you pay somebody off!” (Hansberry 81). Again, the women’s opinions and thoughts are overlooked by the men in the play. In the end, Walter Lee chooses to do the right thing and becomes the hero. When

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