The Role Of Women In The Crow Eater By Bapsi Sidhwa

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In a patriarchal traditional society woman is considered as a commodity product, a lifelong slave to a family and society. Women is the symbol of love and affection. Women was oppressed in every sphere of her life through her husband, kids and kins.Marriage was not exchange of soul and heart, it was been a mode of transaction where master-slave relation is followed in martial life. Domestic violence is subjugated to all the women in every class division ranges from slapping, kicking, murder, molestation.It seems to be high in patriarchal set up culture. Social codes in patriarchal set up culture creates hurdles in women life and there is no upliftment for women. In this novel Sidhwa projected how the society has been exploiting women for decade in the name of culture and religion.

Key Words: Bapsi Sidhwa, Marriage-slave, oppression of women, patriarchal society

. Bapsi Sidhwa, Pakistani writer is an author of four international novels; The Crow Eater( 1978),The Pakistani Bride(1982),Ice candy Man ( 1989), An American
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It describes the traumatic experience of a girl named Zaitoon, who has been brought up in Lahore city married to a village man in Kohistan. Due to the riots of partition, Zaitoon parents were murdered by the mob and she was adopted by Qasim who brings up her as his own daughter. Qasim moved to Lahore city with young Zaitoon and faced many difficulties to settle there. He used Zaitoon as a tool to get back to his tribal people by selling her for rupees Five hundred and few goats in the marriage contract. .Zaitoon life was trapped like a parrot in the name of marriage. Women’s are transported from one place to another.Marriage is not sacred one, it is not based on love and emotion.It’s like a trade from father to husband. They have to follow the rules of her Father and Husband, like a dog which have to obey their master. Marriage is a transaction of body, not soul and
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