The Role Of Women In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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There are 195 countries in total all over the world, yet there are only five countries in the list that are still affiliated with communism (Rosenberg). It is amazing to believe that we have reached the Twenty-First Century and there are still countries that allow complete control over their citizens. The thought of having complete power can bring joy to some, but it can certainly bring melancholy to others. Having to follow the orders of someone at all costs can surely bring humiliation and dismay to the victim. Many people get disappointed in following orders sometimes, but they can never imagine how obeying orders used to be. The role of a woman in medieval times was purely degrading. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” touches on the subject on how women in this time period were treated. The medieval times were full of degradation for women, unconstitutional authority from men, and lack of justice. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is story that attempts to display what life for a woman in medieval times was like. The story begins with the Wife of Bath rambling about her past life giving a little bit about her past life. She goes on to reveal how she has married up to five times and is easily content with sexual intercourse. While most would think of this to be very sinful, she refers to characters in the bible like King Solomon who had many wives and St. Paul who said “It is better to marry than to burn” (Cliff Notes). This information is considered a prologue to the actual tale told
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