The Role Of Women Throughout The Play ' A Major Theme '

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The role of women within the plays of Euripides in a major theme. In most of the plays women are seen as week and unable to fend for themselves. It is plausible to say that Euripides would identify as the modern term of a feminist. These women depicted have unequal status to men and are submissive. In the case of Medea, these stereotypical roles of women are challenged. Because Jason betrays Medea, she begins wandering about the different treatment of man and woman. Medea ignores these roles that women have and acts on her own ideals. Through viewing the thoughts and actions of Medea, one can see just how Euripides challenges the role of women.
The first role of women that is displayed through the plays of Euripides is their submissiveness. This most often occurs in the plays of Hecabe and Trojan Women. The women depicted seem week and unable to fend for themselves. More specifically, the women in these plays seem more accepting of their fates.
Lift thy head, unhappy lady, from the ground; thy neck upraise; this is Troy no more, no longer am I queen in Ilium. Though fortune change, endure thy lot; sail with the stream, and follow fortune 's tack, steer not thy barque of life against the tide, since chance must guide thy course
Through this quote Hecabe shows how she has given up on the world. She has lost everything and now is accepting her fate. This can be said for the rest of the Trojan women as well. These women now becoming slaves must endure hardships by
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