The Role Play That Took Place Within A Practice Learning Lecture

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Reflective Learning Commentary. Introduction: This essay will critically reflect, on the role-play that took place within a Practice Learning lecture. The role-play was performed by myself and two other students. I will be demonstrating critical reflection, integrating personal experience of the role play and using relevant literature. Alongside providing a critical evaluation of how learning and reflection relates to the PCF domains. I will be discussing my role as the Social worker, the Service user and as the Observer as well as discussing the knowledge I gained from undergoing this exercise. Reflective Practice within Social Work Reflection is crucial in social work as it enables us to think back at our past actions in order for the knowledge gained to impact our future practices. Our experience should broaden our knowledge and knowledge gained from different experiences should enable better practices, (Kolb 1984, Schon 1983, 1987, 2002 and Gibbs 1988). It has been argued that there is an increasing need for reflective practice, as it makes professional practice more accountable through ongoing scrutiny of the principles upon which it is based, (Fook 2007, Gould 1996, and Schon 1983). ‘We learn through critical reflection by putting ourselves into the experience, exploring personal and theoretical knowledge, to understand it and view it in different ways.’ Tate and Sills (2004: 126). Reflection before the role-play I would consider myself to be very reserved, and
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