The Role, Roles And Responsibilities Of Operations Management

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Operations management is the activity of managing the resources which are devoted to the production and delivery of products and services. Operations management not only producing physical goods but also satisfying customers. Not only that, most of the organizations consist operations function. As operations function is part of organization’s responsibility which is important every organization about the outcome of product and services.
Besides,organizations involve in the production of goods and services that the workers have to seek for resources and transform the resources into output and then distribute them to intended buyers. Workers are able to take the responsible to manage all parts of organization’s operations processes in a great complex of organizations operation.
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Producing the accurate amount of good and services at the right timing of the right quality and cost to achieve customer requirements is the role of operations manager. For instance, a factory manager in charge of a factory which is to be called an automobile assembly factory. It is an operations management uses machines to efficiently assemble products that satisfy current customer demands. Therefore, working in factory consists quality managers, production managers, inventory control managers and supervisors are consider as working in operations management, responsibility of efficiency and effectiveness ofoperation managers in the production of goods and services. It can be separated into direct responsibility and indirect responsibility. Direct responsibility is for the activities which produces and delivers products and services and indirect responsibility is for the activities of the other functions of organization. For instance, the operation function of asset managementinvolved and supported a firm’s building, facility and stock. The way the workersproceed are the pointsof resource of every

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