The Role and Development of a Corporate Brand Personality for Modern Businesses

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In this essay I intend to assess the growing roll that corporate branding is playing in today’s business environment. This assessment will be based on three peer reviewed academic journal articles, core texts and notes from the class.

Academic Journal Articles Reviewed:
Keller, K.L. (2006), ‘The Importance of Corporate Brand Personality Traits to a Successful 21st Century Business.’ Journal of Brand Management. Vol. 14. Nos. 1/2, 74-81.
Reckom, J. V. (2006), ‘Capturing the Essense of a Corporate Brand Personality: A Western Brand in Eastern Europe.’ Journal of Brand Management. Vol. 14. Nos. 1/2, 114-124.
Hulberg, J. (2006), ‘Integrating Corporate Branding and Social Paradigms: A Literature Study.’ Journal of Brand Management. Vol.
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Well established relationships with complimentary external partners, suppliers, etc. also make a company more agile by creating more intricate networks.
As mentioned before it is essential that the company has a good understanding of itself. The traits described above should be used to portray the brand identity – ‘A unique set of associations that the brand strategist aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand should stand for and imply a potential promise to customers’ (All About Branding) - of the company. However, the message a company wishes to deliver and how it is perceived by the consumer (brand image) may be very different. Rekom et al. discuss the importance of the essence of the brand and how consumer’s ‘naïve theories’ may impact on the brand. According to Reckom et al.(2006) naïve theories are the associations consumers have to organise and ‘casually link the different characteristics of the brand.’ It is these casual links that form the corporate brand personality in the mind of the consumer. Based of feedback the company receives from consumers, through market research, it can see if its brand identity is inline with consumer perception. If it is not, then the company will have to augment its marketing communications strategy to suit its consumers. This is a very delicate area as diversifying too far from the brand identity may result in rejection from the consumer. This is

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