The Role and Responsibility of a Mathematics Teacher

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The role and responsibility of a mathematics teacher Introduction Mathematics teachers are charged with the responsibility of preparing and presenting lessons to their students to enable them to learn the mathematics skills and concepts that are in the curriculum to be covered by the students. They provide clear directions and explanations to their students in order to develop and maintain an orderly and comfortable classroom environment that promotes and supports the learning of their students. Among their responsibilities is the active involvement of their students in the learning process which is important in ensuring the students participate in the classroom and are able to understand the learning material. It also creates confidence in the students that enables them to apply their new knowledge in the classroom environment and prevents the lecture or class from being vague and disorganized. ADDIN EN.CITE Engelbrecht2005638Engelbrecht and Harding (2005)63863817Engelbrecht, JohannHarding, AnsieTeaching Undergraduate Mathematics on the Internet. Part 2: Attributes and PossibilitiesEducational Studies in MathematicsEducational Studies in Mathematics253-2765822005Springer00131954 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Engelbrecht, 2005 #638" Engelbrecht and Harding (2005) argue that the best mathematics teacher is one who presents a thought provoking lecture that leaves the students full of questions that challenge them to
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