Essay on The Role and the Importance of Supply Chain Management

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1. Introduction The report highlights in detail the role and the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in an organization with respect to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and its growing impact in the industry and talks about the changing SCM trends keeping RFID as the focal point. Over the past few years, the increasing dynamism and competition in the business operating environment has led to a lot of changes in how the companies conduct themselves with respect to its customers. Customers being the focal point of revenue; manufacturers are increasingly taking interest in being focused on customer satisfaction by delivering the products and services on time. RFID has taken strides from being a far off solution to becoming a…show more content…
2. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) As stated above, RFID is an identification and tracking tool for a product using radio waves. It uses a microchip and a printed antenna that can be then packaged in several different forms such as a label or embedded between layers of a carton. These labels are then used to identify the manufacturer, product category which through a reader or interrogator transmits the data into the system. A basic RFID system consists of three components namely, an antenna or coil, A reader (with decoder) and a transponder i.e. an RF tag programmed with information unique to the product. An Electronic product code also known as the EPC is a successor to bar codes and is an alphanumeric set used to track items with the RFID tags. Need for RFID in the Supply Chain The need for better supply chain performance in organizations has led to the adoption of new technologies in the field and the need for enterprise-wide applications to integrate various elements of supply chain has become widely prevalent. This need for better performance in turn has raised the need for organizations to synchronize their data and allow for easy flow of information. The earlier SCM model (as depicted in the picture below) only needed information flow from retailer to the supplier (via wholesaler and the manufacturer) and goods flow from supplier to retailer. The scenario, however, has completely changed over the past few

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