The Role for NATO in the Modern World Essay

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The Possibility of a Role for NATO in International Relations

When NATO was founded in 1949, it had a clearly defined role. It was an alliance for collective security against the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, whereby if one member state was attacked, the rest would come to her aid under article 5. Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, however, the role of NATO has become a great deal less clearly defined, since its members no longer really have any need for a defensive alliance. Indeed, operations such as those in Bosnia and Kosovo have suggested that for from being a defensive alliance, NATO may have some kind of future as an offensive alliance. There are also now doubts,
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This resulted in the Dayton Ohio Accords, which received peace in the region, and with NATO upheld with 20,000 soldiers who were deployed to the area. This was a great success that arguably wouldn't have been possible without the intervention of a multilateral organisation such as NATO which, unlike the UN, could feasibly have an offensive mandate. Indeed, it essentially marked the rebirth of NATO as an offensive organisation, and it was the first time that NATO forces had been used in an aggressive manner. This has led to numerous cases of a similar nature. For instance, in 1999 in Kosovo, when it became widely feared that the Serbian government was beginning to initiate policies of ethnic cleansing and possible even genocide in its province of Kosovo, NATO intervened once again. By early 1999 it had become clear, as the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) pointed out, that the only way to stop what would have resulted in a human refugee catastrophe, was through military action. NATO therefore launched a 78-day air campaign that succeeded in forcing the Serbian government to comply with the demands of
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