The Role of Advertising Agencies in the Development of Successful Promotional

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P3 – Explain the role of advertising agencies in the development of successful promotional campaign Advertising is considered by many major organisations as a powerful marketing tool to increase sales and can enhance the image of their company/brand. They are also service provide who create an effective advert for their client company to help them meet their business objectives or built their brand image at a price. As there can be high competition in the market that a business operates in, advertising agency can provide service in creating, attracting attention, unique and memorable adverts. This is because advertising agency has specialist team who are responsible for researching the target market. So they know how to connect with the …show more content…
This is what the whole ad is based on. Before the actual production, they must have come up with a story board of rough sketch of the advert to show how the advert would look like. The media planning department must have decided that they wanted to show it on the entire social networking site from Facebook to twitter and on YouTube to generate the attention of the consumer. Account service Department: The account service department is the link between the client and the agency. It is usually one or two of the account executives who communicate with the client company and the rest of the agency department to understand the main objective of the marketing. Any marketing problems, goals or other objectives of the client company is discussed so that they understand what their client is looking for. Those executives are also responsible for the approval of media approvals, budgets and the story board. They have to ensure that the ad produced by their agency is to the satisfaction of the client. Moreover, they also have to ensure that follow up are communicated well ahead of the client and throughout the process. This department of Saatchi and Saatchi could have been responsible for communicating what T-Mobile wanted to achieve from the commercial. They must have been responsible for the storyboard provided by their copy writers. This department must have discussed how much
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