The Role of Advertising

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I believe that the role of advertising is to create desire in consumers, rather than needs. These desires need not reflect the needs of the consumers at all. While there are elements of advertising that do not explicitly create desire some advertising may create awareness, for example, the primary role that advertising plays in our society is to manufacture desire. This paper will make the case that the role of advertising is to create demand; it is not a reflection of demand. The basic functions of advertising are to create awareness (of a brand, an offer, or a product) and to create desire. In the latter, advertising seeks to speak directly to a target audience, and use triggers than the audience will respond to. An example of such a trigger is the baby in Michelin commercials. The company knows that its customers are more likely to experience an emotional response when thinking about their children's safety than their own safety. The baby serves to direct the viewers' thoughts to their own children in order to not only elicit a basic response but to specifically associate the Michelin brand with taking care of one's family (as opposed to other tire brands). The awareness of the brand like Michelin must take place at some point, but this is a minor purpose of the advertising. The more important function of the advertising is to convince the viewer to use Michelin the next time that they need new tires, and to change their tires more often. This is not to say that
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