The Role of Altruism in Society

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Altruism The act of kindness that I perform on a regular basis is the giving back to CLARE which is an organization that specializes in helping those seeking recovery from the menace of alcoholism and drug abuse. This is an organization that acts as a second home and a life recue center for many people. The reason as to why I chose to give back to the society through this organization is due to the fact that I also was an alcoholic and it was this same organization that helped me to recover from the addiction. The nature of my giving back to this organization is through donating 10% of my total earnings each year to the organization with the belief that this amount, however little, will go a long way to help someone in the recovery process from the same addictions that I had. Due to the presence of someone in my life who helped me to get access to such an organization and successfully stay there till my recovery, it is a noble duty that is upon me to help someone also achieve what I achieved. Altruism is the behavior that is exhibited by an individual not for their own benefit but for the benefit of the other. The altruists choose to align their needs with those of others, such that they are happy when others are doing well and thriving. These are people who advocate for cooperation rather than conflict as well as promotion of harmony within the community (Altruists International, 2012). The role of altruism in codependence is exhibited in the cat of one giving help
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