The Role of Boundaries in counselling Essay

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Question 1:
Key issues:
• Breach of Ethics/Boundary Crossing: Michael would be crossing the boundaries if he were to see Julia in a social situation.
• Awkwardness: Michael will need to consider if further treatment would be compromised because awkwardness may stop Julia from sharing certain information.
• Treat with compassion and respect: Is Michael able to move forward and treat Jenny with compassion and respect?
• Supervision: Do any further consultations require supervision?
• Jenny’s reaction to Michael’s rejection: If the therapeutic relationship is uncomfortable, Michael should refer Jenny on to someone else, as this could impair judgement, treatment and diagnosis.
• Right to withdraw relationship: Is Michael aware of his right to
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Dual relationships occur when a practitioner is in a professional role with a client as well as taking on another role outside the clinic with the client. The professional needs to assess the risk in the relationship and whether both the practitioner and the client can differentiate between a boundary crossing and a boundary violation. In rural area’s a dual relationship may be unavoidable, the article discuses that the practitioner may have been chosen because of the prior relationship, and that some form of prior relationship may even be a prerequisite for the development of trust and respect in a small community. However, Zur also writes about the “Slippery Slope Effect” in which that all boundary crossings eventually lead to sexual relationships and boundary violations. The author then notes that the slippery slope effect is an unreasonable link and adds that when thinking of crossing a boundary the professional needs to consider the welfare of the client and benefits to treatments, whilst avoiding harm or exploitation and to respect the client’s autonomy (Zur 2004, pp27-32).
Article number 3 (Nickel 2004, pp. 17-22) also discusses dual relationship in a rural areas, weighing up its risks and benefits. Nickel writes that adhering to ridged boundaries can lead to uncomfortable and artificial environments in a rural setting, however boundaries are set to
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