Essay on The Role of Business Education in Secondary Schools

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The Role of Business Education in Secondary Schools Education and Vocational Education have many roles in today’s schools. Vocational education focuses on the future employment of the student, by using practical application. Vocational education gives students the opportunity to learn with hands-on experience. This can help in several areas of gaining an education. Most notably, this gives the student the opportunity to find out if this is what they want to do. Students will get a real-world experience very early on in their education. This experience can greatly enrich a student’s education by giving them the opportunity to become involved in activities that are relevant to their lives, therefore, becoming a source of motivation. …show more content…
Business education is all about relevance. Taking the simulations, applications and exercises from real life examples allows the students to see and understand the challenges they face. When the students see they are learning relevant skills they will become motivated to succeed. Motivation can come from a variety of sources, but I believe the business education teacher can aid in this. Students fall into bad habits while at school. I see it on a daily basis. They go through the motions of being a student and miss all the valuable knowledge that is available to them. They see no connection to what they are currently doing, to what they will “grow up” and do. When that connection is made, the student will become motivated to take advantage of the experience and information presented to them in school.

I want to teach business education because I believe the knowledge and skills it provides are essential to all students. Students need to understand the competition they will be facing in their search for that first job. Business education gives them a glimpse of what will be expected of them from day one. They need to learn the skills to enable them to become effective consumers, employees and leaders. Business education teaches students how to work as a team, how to meet deadlines, how to prioritize work and teaches them problem-solving skills. Students of today will become the businessmen of tomorrow. We must prepare them to manage
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