The Role of Communication in Effective Leadership

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Leaders are made not born. As quoted by John Maxwell “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. A leader is person from whom people can imbibe some qualities and somebody who can give guidance or show correct direction to others. As a leader the person should have the skills to motivate people. Leadership is reflection of once inner self, than of what is projected outside. They should be far sighted and be able to take initiative and make good decisions instantly. They need to possess the quality of striving back at work with full dedication, confidence even if they have faced multiple failures or bottle necks in their path. Also they have to be honest and realistic in their opinions and should not show any discrimination. The most important quality of a good leader are Communication, Optimistic and Self-discipline. Communication plays a vital role and is significant quality to be possessed by an effective leader. They should be able to connect with his team and deliver the thoughts effectively. Through good communication skills a leader would be able to avoid confusions and misunderstandings within the team. A team will be motivated and inspired to take up tasks and challenges proactively and perform better, if they are lead by a leader who can manage without any language barriers. Work can be assigned fairly and the desired outcome can be churned out of the team with a dynamic leader. For instance, the recent elections in India which garnered
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