The Role of Communication in Motivating Employees

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Introduction The modern day business society is extremely dynamic and competitive. In the context of increasing forces of globalization, economic agents transcend boundaries and strengthen their competitive positions. This virtually means that the companies are presented with two different situations. For once, within the global community, they become able to access wider consumer markets and enhance their sales levels. On the other hand however, within the domestic community, they encounter increased competition as more foreign players enter the local market. The business community as such becomes more and more competitive. But the complexities of the economic climate do not end with globalization, as these are enhanced by other elements as well. For instance, the demands of the customers exponentially increase when they are presented with multiple options. Then, the technological advancements allow the economic agents to operate in a more efficient manner, but they also create additional competition and require supplementary financial investments. To add to all these, economic agents face pressures from the changing political climate, the overall state of the economy or the changing behaviors of their staff members. Most of these changes are derived by the external environment, with the companies having little power over them. Still, what the economic agents do is to research them and strive to adapt to them as best as they know how. In this…
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