The Role of Consensus in Business

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Understanding consensus and its role in a business As mentioned earlier in the introduction, consensus is a general agreement that is made within different groups. Consensus is another word for consent, which means to give permission. It is part of the process of decision-making where everyone within the group has a say and agrees to support a decision in the best interest of the business as a whole. Consensus builds a relationship within the workforce and this helps them find a solution that meets the needs of the group and work together to strategically make the best decision suited for the company. Consensus can work in different surroundings, whether it is a small or a large business, or even in a local community. The end goal is the…show more content…
Facilitator comes from the word facilitate which means ease a process or to make easy. Consensus is such an important phase for any business that wants high-quality decisions. It comes along with many advantages, which are as follows: - Creates added ownership and commitment that leads to a more effective execution as the entire group takes action on the plan/project. - Create a more shared understand through discussion that links differences. - Broad participation engages and authorises the whole of the group. - Distributes the power within a group equally. - Increases cooperation and teamwork. - Create better decisions made within the group that are more representative of a larger community The fundamentals of consensus decision-making used within a business When is comes to using the word consensus there are several different meanings to it. Often referred to as “consensus decision-making” and there is many common elements that may define consensus decision-making, this includes: - Agreement seeking: Consensus decision-making is the process in which it seeks a general or a full agreement. When an organisation agrees to use consensus they set themselves the target of producing as much of an agreement as possible. Different organisations might different rules of decisions, such as the benchmark for how much of an agreement is required to finalise a decision. However, all groups that use the process of consensus strive to ensure that it reaches a full
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