The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Personal Managerial Effectiveness

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Executive Summary This report evaluates the roles of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for increasing the level of managerial effectiveness of the employees based on ASDA. Application of the CSR practices can create several opportunities for retaining the best employees at the workplace. It can set up the standards of the employees by considering the flexibility at the workplace. It considers equality and diversity at the workplace and measures valid performance measurement scale. CSR applications can protect the rights of the employees and motivates the organisations for not taking part into any illegal business operations. ASDA has taken consideration of the CSR applications by developing a family oriented organisational culture…show more content…
For example, environmental standard agency at the UK may impose penalties if any company failed to meet the requirements made by the government. (Fig-1: Carroll’s CSR pyramid, adapted from, CSR Quest, 2014) According to the Carroll’s CSR pyramid, there are four responsibilities of implementing the CSR practices at the organisation such as:- a) Economic: Economic responsibilities are the important aspects of implementing the CSR practices such as it considers higher level of return from the investors and considers fair wages, application of the new technology which can increase the level of economic return for the organisation. It is the foundation of the business growth and depending on these factors the other factors (CSR Quest, 2014). b) Legal: Legal factors consider the laws and regulations that can develop the acceptable and unacceptable behaviour of the people at the organisation. It can set up the standard for the employees and employees need to follow those legal regulations effectively (Jamali and Mirshak, 2007). c) Ethical: Ethical factors will go ahead with the legal factors which considers about behaving in a fair and right manner. It can increase the mortality of the employees at the workplace and tells about what is right and wrong for the organisation. d) Philanthropic or Discretionary: At the pick point of the CSR pyramid the philanthropic or discretionary responsibilities will take place. It will consider the philanthropic acts
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