The Role of Drug Courts in Curing Addiction

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This is because these courts’ jurisdiction over cases involving substance abuse need to be expanded if the problem of prison overcrowding is going to be effectively administered (power point notes). The drug courts aim at channeling nonviolent offenders into a rehabilitation treatment program that would help them abandon the habit instead of sending the same to prisons (power point notes). In prison’s, the drug addict stands no chance to correct their behavior because theirs is an abnormal case. This is not the only challenge encountered in administering of justice and corrective measures. They are several. Dealing with drug addicts is not easy. This is because drug addicts need to be treated as special cases so that the entire process can be successful. Racism is a major deterred to the success of justice execution in all aspects, especially on victims of drug abuse. It is common to see black Americans drug victims being easily convicted than their white counterparts. However, Rebecca tiger presents an impeccable argument that drug addict ought to be treated more than just as a sick person. This effect nullifies the element of biasness as the focus is now directed on the “disease” and no the color skin of the victim. The end effect of implementation of this ideology is that the enlightened coerciveness in dealing with drug addicts is expected to go down,…

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