The Role of Engineers in Society

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POST 1: Role of Engineers in Transforming the Society ------------------------------------------------------------------ Topic: Role of Engineers in Transforming the Society Objectives: Ø to open an issue exploring the roles of engineers in transforming our society Ø to gather data regarding the past and present roles and significant contributions engineers have played and made in and to Philippine society Ø to thoughtfully consider the relevant emerging roles and functions of an engineer in transforming our present and future society (a personal assessment based on relevant facts gathered) Focus: roles the engineer play on impacting society onto transformation and positive changes in the fields of government, public…show more content…
Yet, they are less heard of, less exposed, less recognized, and therefore less made an inspiration and role model of aspiring engineers such as you and I. I usually hear of so-and-so landing a good job with a promising career in this renowned company assigned in this production plant, or of so-and-so earning this much doing this much for this company… I have nothing against this or them, and even acknowledge them for having made it thus far because of their proficiency and perseverance. However, there is something more I am searching for. Perhaps, I, who cannot exactly imagine taking the same path, am looking for another trail to tread on. You know, certainly, we engineers (or aspirants) have a very busy, seemingly-detached world from the rest of studentry. May sariling mundo. Thus, the stereotype apathetic engineering student body indifferent to campus, social and national issues seems to stand. Walang pakialam. And this somehow, is carried on to the practice of the
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