The Role of Faith-based Organisations in Poverty Alleviation

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To get a clear understanding of the contributions by faith-based social services and where they stand, it is important to first define a faith-based organization and explore the theories from which they derive. Staff of these organizations may most often share the same faith and provide service in accord with their beliefs. “For some faith-based organizations, faith is manifest in the act of service itself, conspicuous in the compassion inherent in the way work is performed. For others there are programmatic elements which may include prayer, the teaching of religious values, studying religious texts, and worship. These elements may be implied, rather than explicit -- integrated within an faith-based organizations services or…show more content…
Now that we understand the basic structure of faith-based organizations, we can discuss what contributions made by these organizations if any, help fight against poverty in the United States. Firstly faith-based organizations have rallied in states for support of increase in minimum wage. Many government officials argue that the average person is unable to live comfortably by earning just five fifteen an hour. A coalition of political and faith-based group rallied at the State Capitol of Oklahoma with demands of one dollar increase to their minimum wage (Talley 1). Supporters circulated an initiative petition which called for a statewide vote to raise the minimum wage by one dollar an hour, which began January 1, 2007, and by a dollar more per hour that took place January 1, 2008 (Talley 1). Faith-based organizations protested in the scorching sun for hours, rejecting any such arguments that were not agreeable with raising the minimum wage. The cost of food, fuel, clothing and other necessities have gone up, so why not wages? These organizations, however, did gain support from some political figures like Senator Cal Hobson who stated, “ you cannot support a family on minimum wage”, adding that “ a worker can spend a full day's wages just filling his car up with gas” (Talley 1). Along the way this rally gained support from other political leaders who felt it was wrong to force poverty-level wages on
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