The Role of Federal Agencies in Fighting Digital Crime Essay

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Explain the existing challenges that result from the independent nature of these agencies, as well as the other factors that are common to each of them. In the United States, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including FBI, Department of Homeland Security, among others, have taken on roles to fight computer crimes and terrorism. The roles and responses of these law enforcement agencies concerning digital crime have created challenges that limit enforcement efforts against digital crime. The Department Of Justice has had to address evolving challenges such as mortgage fraud, corporate fraud, and cyber crime including online child pornography. As it seeks to balance and address competing and new priorities, the…show more content…
In April 2011, GAO, Government Accountability Office, reported that backlogs in the forensic analysis of digital evidence can delay or hinder online child pornography investigations. Among factors that federal law enforcement officials cited as limiting investigations and prosecutions were variations in the steps that agencies believe enhance the integrity of forensic analysis of digital evidence. In some cases, these steps may increase the time it takes to analyze evidence and add to backlogs and delays. (GAO High Risk & Other Major Government Challenges Balancing Fighting Crime Versus Terrorism) State and local law enforcement agencies face several challenges including the lack of resources, expertise, training, and funding to solve cyber crime. Of these problems, are the growing concerns of the local and state officials about the threats made relating to the protection of computer infrastructures at the federal level. Local officers are not having the capacity or understanding of computer crimes necessary to properly investigate offenses such as computer and electric crimes and fraud and theft crimes by digital technology. (Taylor, 2011) Having education and appropriate training is crucial in the investigation process to gain an upper hand in fighting digital crime. In addition, state and local law enforcement expressed concerns about resource constraints and apprehension regarding expertise and jurisdictional
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