The Role of Gender in "A Dollhouse" Essay

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“A Dollhouse”

In “A Doll’s House,” women lead a difficult life. They live on restrictions in society, as well as in their home. “The play depicts the father not only as absent but also as morally polluted” (Rosefeldt). Men are seen as a higher being than women. However, women seem to take on more sacrifices than men. Throughout the play, it expresses the misery of women or mothers and their disadvantages in society. Mrs. Linde went through a horrible past. We truly do feel sympathy for her when she says, “My Mother was alive then, and was bedridden and helpless, and I had to provide for my two younger brothers; so I did not think I was justified in refusing his offer” (Ibson). “Mrs. Linde, Nora's friend, is the victim of an absent
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Nora was just the toy in their marriage. Nora was just like the Christmas tree, an ornament that charmed others. She must always be on watch with her behavior, as it could ruin Torvald’s image. When Torvald becomes sick, Nora paid it. However it was just a loan and now she must pay the money back. Nora must keep it a secret though because if Torvald finds out about it, he would be infuriated. It would ruin their marriage and drastically destroy it. Torvald cannot accept the fact that his wife, a woman, helped him. Furthermore, it is illegal for a wife to obtain a loan without the consent of her husband. This shows the power of Torvald over Nora or the power of men over women. In the end their marriage or bond was broken. . However, it was ironic in the end as the lies, that Nora created, did destroy their marriage but not in the way we would expect. Torvald did think about ending it but when he saw that the signature that Nora forged was handed back to them, Torvald calmed down. “His behavior makes Nora realize that, in their eight years of marriage, he has never looked on her as a human being but only as a doll, and she leaves him in order to learn to become a person in her own right” (Doll’s House). Nora finally severed all ties with him. Throughout the time, Nora’s definition and understanding of freedom has evolved. She considered freedom as something like a duty. In the first act,

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