The Role of Gender in Dracula

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The story is told through a series of individuals’ journal entries and a letters sent back and forth between characters. Bram Stoker shows the roll in which a certain gender plays in the Victorian era through the works of Dracula. This discussion not only consists of the roll a certain gender takes, but will be discussing how a certain gender fits into the culture of that time period as well as how males and females interact among each other. The Victorian era was extremely conservative when it came to the female, however there are signs of the changing into the New Woman inside of Dracula. Essentially the woman was to be assistance to a man and stay pure inside of their ways.
Throughout the Story of Dracula, it is apparent that the standard of a male in contrast to a female is Dramatically greater. We see through the letters that were sent back and forth between Mina and Lucy that Lucy is trying to choose between three men. The first of which is Quincey Morris whom in which is extremely wealthy and has a title to his name, however the downside to choosing him is that he is old. The second of which is Dr. Seward; although he is a doctor it is considered to be a negative due to the fact that his profession is in a mental institution. The problem with his profession being in a mental institution is that during the Victorian era, mental institutions were not a…

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