The Role of Human Resources Department

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Some of the functions of human resources are to stay compliant with labor laws, to recruit, hire and train the best-qualified people to do the job. Human resource planning is an important factor of the human resources department. It is the process of forecasting the supply and demand for human resources within an organization and developing action plans for aligning the two (Denisi/Griffin, 2008, pg. 98).Organizations analyzes whether they could function with the same staff or by increasing staff if needed and the planning can make the difference between success or failure. Job analysis is another important factor of human resources. This is the process of gathering and organizing detail information about jobs within an organization so managers can understand the process to performed most effectively. The job analysis relates to the selection process, performance appraisal, training, development, and compensation. The training and development is where the employee learning the job related skills. The organization facilitate the training to employees to focus on that specific job, whereas, the development teaches the managers and professionals the skills needed for both current and future jobs. If an employee is not meeting his job in satisfaction, managers and or…
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