The Role of Human Service Professionals

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Abstract The Human Service Professionals are a group of individuals whose job is specifically to serve the society, educate them and work for the societal welfare at large. In the twentieth century, organizational ethics have gained immense importance in the corporate world. The need to adhere to ethical standards is even greater for the human service professionals and those who educate them. This is because any deviance from ethical standards can question the integrity of human service professions and can raise question on the standards of social welfare. This is unhealthy for the trust relationships of the society over human service individuals. Introduction One tricky part of the job that human service professionals have to face in the course of their jobs is to make decisions pertaining to ethical dilemmas. Often, such decisions can be tricky because they trigger conflicts of interests between various stakeholders of the dilemma whereas human service professionals have their responsibility towards more than one stakeholder groups at the same time. This means they cannot violate the rights of one stakeholder in order to protect the rights of another stakeholder. Such decisions are often referred to as 'Right versus Right' decisions (Corey, Corey & Callanan,2005). This paper aims at evaluating the decision making process of human service professionals under situations facing ethical dilemma. The ethical dilemma being discussed in this paper involves the problem of
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