The Role of Information (Ict's) in National Development

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Information is defined on the Business dictionary website as, “raw data that (1)Has been verified to be accurate and timely, (2)Is specific and organized for a purpose, (3) Is presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance, (4) and which leads to increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty. The value of information lies solely in its ability to affect a behavior, decision, or outcome.”( Information can be transferred via different media such as, books, serials, journals and ICT’s. In our diverse world, information is now thought of as a resource. Faster, smarter and more innovative means of its collection, storage and dissemination are being created every day.
On the other hand,
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This led to massive foreign investment and employment. Today the Telecommunications industry has over 3 million subscribers and is worth Billions of Kwacha. The private sector has revolutionalized access to information. But at the same time, without government reform and over sight such a revolution would not be possible. This revolution has served as a perfect example of how information and its provision can be used in a direct manner, as an income earner, to add to economic development in Zambia.
In Cultural development, ICT’s have helped in the advertisement of Zambia’s rich history and culture to individuals both within the country and abroad. Annual Traditional Ceremonies such as the Kuomboka Ceremony are now events that are attended by both local and foreign tourists. This not only creates a better reputation for the country on the international stage, but generates employment in the tourism sector and earns the country much needed foreign exchange for economic development as well. Small scale manufacturers of handicrafts in Zambia are also discovering first hand how ICT's can assist in the marketing and distribution of their crafts. A good example of this statement is that of the Kabwata Cultural Village. The Cultural Village had a an advertisement posted on the Xtreme Zambia website
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