The Role of Information Technology in Supply Chain Management

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Introduction The role of information technology in supply chain management has been is widely acknowledged in various goods and service sectors (Chorafas,2001). This is due to the attempt by firms to discover ways of improving their responsiveness and flexibility. The outcome is the improvement of the company's competitiveness through the changing of the operational strategy, methods as well as technologies through the implementation of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) concept (Fasanghari,Habibipour,Chaharsooghi,2008). In this paper, we provide an analysis of the Wood Synergy Inc. case (Hall,Scott, Chun,2010) with the intention of answering a series of questions. Our aim is to answer the question "Why does remediation appear to be the best strategy?" .Our objective on the other hand includes the following. To develop a support plan to assist WoodSynergy Inc in setting goals and performance metrics for phase 2 To prepare a cost and timeline estimates for implementing phase 2 To identify specific IT strategies as well as technical initiatives beyond the phase 2. The WoodSynergy Inc case provides a very interesting description of a successful SCM system within the IT environment of WoodSynergy Inc. The case also presents how the WoodSynergy Inc CIO executed a phased strategy to be used in integrating the suppliers and distributors-customer operations of the supply chain by means of an elaborate IT plan. The two phased approach employed by the WoodSynergy Inc CIO is
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