The Role of Local Government

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Background – Changes in the last 10 yrs
Since 1997 central government has been pursuing an agenda of local government modernisation designed to tackle some of the fundamental public service, governance and accountability concerns facing local authorities and the public sector more widely. From CCT to Best Value, one of the biggest changes has been in performance management and the rating of authorities in relation to the CPA regime and the drive for continuous improvement and value for money. This has now moved on to Gershwin and the move towards efficiency savings.

Nick Raynsford (MP) in a discussion in 2004 said the changes in recent years have been incremental and have led to incremental improvements. The changes he said have been
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The impact on senior managers is equally severe as they fear that politicians are moving into the sphere of management.

The local government will concentrate more in local democracy, leadership, community engagement and quality in public services. Relevant to all of these will be the balance of responsibilities between central, local and regional government and the potentially enhanced role that people at neighborhood level could play in determining local priorities.

External Challenges

The local government will be faced with external challenges i.e. changes in demographic trends such as an ageing population. It is predicted that in the next 10yrs there will be more people aged over 65 years than those under 16, and the growth of one person household. There is also the challenge that new technology will bring.
It is to be expected that the local government will be doing more work to "join up" the three key strands of e-service delivery, e-governance and e-democracy. The council will need to adopt a new approach to e-government in an attempt to push up performance and efficiency, improve e-service delivery and become "proactive" in linking with local communities through e-democracy. Local government will also have to respond to changes in how people use new online technology to play a far more proactive role in how it interacts
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