The Role of Managers in the 21st Century Is Increasingly Diverse and Challenging.

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“The role of managers in the 21st century is increasingly diverse and challenging”. Use specific examples from businesses to support your argument. Organisations need managers to ensure the company is planning, controlling, leading and organising their resources properly. However, in the 21st century, facing uncertain economic times and ever-changing technology, the roles managers must undertake are becoming increasingly diverse and challenging. The key to understanding this is to first, grasp the concept of managerial roles and secondly, understand that customers and innovation are the driving forces that organisations must conquer in order to survive in the 21st century. A managerial role is defined as “a set of specific tasks that…show more content…
Without consumers organisations would have no purpose. Consumers purchase the products which an organisation creates while creating needs and demands for organisations to fulfil. In the 21st century, the classic cliché ‘the customer is always right’ has never been truer. With consumers paying less attention to brand loyalty, organisations are facing pressure from competitors to ensure that their product is the best quality compared to alternatives. Customers also prefer organisations that have friendly staff. Robbins et al. (2012, p.17) states that “managers must create a customer-responsive organisation where employees are friendly and courteous, accessible, knowledgeable, prompt in responding to customer needs and willing to do what’s necessary to please a customer”. This enforces that managers need to ensure that their organisation is customer friendly; otherwise a competitive organisation will be and take away your customers. Naomi Milgrom, owner of Sportsgirl, Sussan and Suzanne Grae retail chains, understands the importance of customers and spends half a day every week working in store to help her understand customer’s needs (Robbins et al. 2012, p.17). Managers need to make sure they innovate the structure of the organisation and the products they create in order to satisfy customers. Innovation involves taking risks and

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