What role does matter play in making social worlds secure or insecure?

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What role does matter play in making social worlds secure or insecure?

The aim of this essay is to illustrate the role that matter plays in making social worlds secure or insecure.
This introduction will give a brief overview of what this essay will include, also giving brief definitions of any key theories and concepts that will be used throughout.
To discuss the role that matter has in the securities and/ or insecurities of social worlds, this essay will use examples which are discussed in the DD308 course book Security: Sociology and Social worlds. (Carter et al, 2008).
There are a number of questions that will be discussed in this essay such as, what do sociologists mean when they refer to something as ‘matter’? What is a ‘social
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All this has added to the growing popularity of the Harry Potter brand that is everywhere today. Young readers can relate to Harry’s issues and the books create another world the readers can subconsciously ‘escape’ too.
The Harry Potter stories are a great example to show how matter can affect the social world’s people live in and can be used to demonstrate the power branding can have on the world around us.
Due to the massive popularity of the books, Warner decided to capitalise on their popularity and turn them into films, and due to the movies, paraphernalia and huge cult following, the Harry Potter franchise is worth an estimated £2.2 billion (Simmons, 2005). The Harry Potter franchise is a good example of the theory of ‘psycho-social’ (the psychological relationship readers have with the books) and also we can see how the franchise plays on these feelings to ‘mediate’ messages to various social and cultural groups, by looking at this franchise one can see how inner emotional security is developed and used for profitable gain.

Another example of people’s insecurities being used for profitable gain which is addressed in the book Security: Sociology and Social worlds. (Carter et al, 2008) is that of Gated communities and SUV’S (sports utility vehicles). Gated communities are growing rapidly in
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